New team leaders in Life Science

This training is specifically designed for ambitious professionals with a life science or technology background who are preparing for a (team)leadership position.

You have a solid background and good knowledge in your field of expertise. You want to work in the life science industry, because you know that your knowledge can contribute to the health of patients. You experienced that working in complex organizations is not that easy. There are many layers in the organization, politics and hierarchy seems to slow down decision making. There are endless discussions and many meetings that are not effective. You are eager to learn how you can better navigate in the organization and be more effective?

In this training, you will get insight from someone who has worked for more than 25 years in the Life Science industry and who is an expert in the human factor of work and team dynamics.

This is a one day training program which will be given in small groups of max 20 participants and is a mix of theory and working sessions to practice what you have learned. The program is as follows:

  • Part 1: The basic principles of effective communication
    • Gain insight into your personal communication style
    • Learn how to discover the style of others
    • Learn how to prevent and resolve miscommunication
    • Learn how to improve your listening skills
  • Part 2: Effective team work
    • Learn what it takes to work effectively in teams
    • Learn to work in virtual and cross-cultural teams
    • Get practical tips for more effective meetings, decision making, feedback and dealing with conflicts
    • Get practical tips on how to interact successfully with senior management