Training or coaching?

What is more effective? Training or coaching?

Last week I finished another leadership training in my company. I was looking forward to it and was happy I got the opportunity to develop myself and grow as leader…

As always, I got all inspired and energized. I simply love this kind of stuff! I am sure I will apply all of my learnings as of tomorrow!

Hang on…this is what I thought the last time and the time before….

When you look back….. did your skill trainings really make a difference? Did it change your behaviors when you went back to your day job?

For some people the answer is YES, and that is great!

For me and many others, the honest answer is….NO, not really 🙁

Why is that?

No doubt that skill training is important. It gives you the necessary tools you need to execute your role.

But when I started to work with a professional coach, I learned how my own beliefs and opinions were holding me back to be a top performer. More importantly, I learned how to change these into helpful powerful beliefs.

The impact coaching had on me was enormous… it made me more impactful at work and gave me the confidence to make a bold career move now.

It is like in sports. The trainer teaches you the skills how to kick the ball, ride your bicycle or ski as fast as you can downhill without falling. A coach helps you to win races and become a champion….

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to experience the difference it makes to have a coach in your corner.