Life is a rollercoaster!

Do you sometimes feel that you are in an emotional rollercoaster?

This is exactly how I felt the last few weeks. I was….

✰ Sad when I said goodbye to colleagues of the company that I am leaving
✰ Excited to start my new adventure
✰ Stressed when I realized that I am leaving my securities behind
✰ Frustrated when I got stuck
✰ Afraid to get out of my comfort zone
✰ Proud when I did and noticed I survived
✰ Relaxed when I took the afternoon off to enjoy the spring weather
✰ Happy to celebrate important events with my family and just be together again
✰ Refreshed and full of energy when I started this morning

Emotions are normal, we all have them.
Emotions drive our behaviors and actions. They make us stop and go.

Best advice I got this week from several people….. Just do it!

So here it is …. a post about emotions from a rational, analytical, science-driven professional that is out there to help others to improve their performance and work with more joy and fulfillment.

Sometimes you have to break through fears and old habits to get to a next stage.

Are you ready for the next rollercoaster ride?