The team challenge


The development of innovative new medicines or treatments is a lengthy and complex process. In the Life Science industry, we work in multi-disciplinary, cross-functional, multi-cultural and virtual teams consisting of experts with great knowledge and relevant experience. Yet there is often lack of clarity, mutual misunderstanding, missed deadlines and frustration in teams. This hassle slows down the overall progress, while we all want our medicines to be available to patients as quickly as possible.

Leading such complex teams requires a different way of communication, collaboration and decision-making. Most lifescience leaders know that this is important, but are naturally more focused on content than on improving how the team works together.

At MarKies, we are convinced that strengthening the collaboration and communication skills of leaders and their team members, will speed up the development process and reduce costs, which benefits companies, patients and society.

In our view, almost any team could benefit from improved collaboration and teamwork. Often leaders wait until the hassle in their team becomes unmanageable or destructive before they decide to ask for support. Also in this case, early prevention is so much more effective, so why wait? Contact us now to discuss how we can support you to make your team more successful than it is today.


Which valuable solution (s) does MarKies Lifescience offer?

MarKies does not work with a team of young inexperienced consultants who run a standard program and then leave the team to go back to work again.  Marleen Gaillard, who is the founder and owner of MarKies Lifescience, will first make an inventory of what your organization or team needs, to be (more) successful.  She helps the team to set goals and to identify helping and non-helping behaviours. Based on that initial assessment, she designs a unique program that meets your specific needs and will lead the team sessions herself.

A program could start with a workshop on effective communication, followed by a series of team development sessions and, when necessary, individual coaching sessions. There is not one size fits all approach, so flexibility is key.

In addition to her long career in various leadership positions in the Life Science industry, Marleen is a certified teamcoach, leadership coach and trainer. She understands the complexity and challenges of Life Science organizations, speaks the language of Life Science professionals,  is an experienced people manager, and knows how to ensure lasting change in your team/organization.