Are you stuck or unstoppable?

Are you stuck or unstoppable?

In complex organizations and teams, it is often hard to make progress.

Everyone works hard, but sometimes it feels as if you have to move through a thick layer of sticky, sometimes even smelly, mud. Sounds familiar?

Did you know that there are 3 sort of obstacles:

➀ Hurdles – those are the bumps in the road, small fences or a steep slope up the hill. With the right skills, training and practice you can deal with these and move on.

➁ Quicksand – this is more tricky and you need help from others to get out of this risky situation that is slowing you down or even dragging you under.

➂ Brick walls – those are not easy to overcome on your own. If you have a high performing team, you could break down the wall. However, someone else may be building it up again the next day…. You often need strong leadership support to break down brick walls.

When you feel stuck and progress is slow, it helps to figure out what kind of obstacle(s) you are dealing with.

My role as a coach is to help you and your team to overcome obstacles, so you don’t get stuck in the quicksand or let the brick wall stop you.

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